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Our Los Angeles Tattoo Apprenticeship is offered at Body Art & Soul Tattoos, just off Santa Monica Blvd, at the intersection of the Hollywood and Silver Lake neighborhoods. In an inspiring neighborhood filled with indie music venues, trendy bars, diverse eateries, and specialty boutiques, we have been tattoo clients and training tattoo artists in Los Angeles for nearly 10 years.

Los Angeles Tattoo Apprenticeship Program

When you visit the Body Art & Soul Tattoos LA studio, you'll find an artistic community that's equally as vibrant and diverse. We know you’ll be inspired by our team of talented artists who are ready to mentor you every step of your tattoo journey. Our mission is to ensure equal opportunity in the tattoo industry, worldwide. And we're looking for artists, like you, from all walks of life.

We are proud of our results and what we offer our artists:

  • Guaranteed Job Offers
  • Over 200 Tattoo Artists Trained

How to Become a Tattoo Artist in LA

Your apprenticeship starts online in a live virtual classroom, where you work one-on-one with your trainer in the early phases of your apprenticeship. Once you pass the requirements of the work-from-home virtual classroom training, you’re ready to complete your apprentice training at our Silverlake studio.

Once in our Los Angeles tattoo studio, you’ll learn to implement impeccable tattoos on clients, while gaining the work experience, skills, and professional development you need to launch your career as a successful tattoo artist. Apprenticeships generally take 1 year to complete.

And the best news? When you’ve completed your apprenticeship at our tattoo school, you’ll have a guaranteed job offer to join our team as a professional tattoo artist! You’ll be surprised how quickly time flies when you’re working toward a job you love.

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Get INKspired by Our Artists' Stories

At the Body Art & Soul Tattoos Los Angeles studio, we Ink Different® by treating every artist and every client with care and respect. We hope you get inspired to join us after you watch some of our artists' stories.

Why Become a Tattoo Artist in Los Angeles, California

Are you in Southern California and still stuck in that job you hate? Are you an artist? Then why on earth are you not in pursuit of a career as a Tattoo Artist at Body Art & Soul?

Changing careers can be concerning in such an expensive city, so thankfully we provide a Guaranteed Job Offer once you finish your apprenticeship!  

History of Tattooing In Los Angeles

Main Street which serves as the divide between East and West Los Angeles, was once home base to A-list of tattooers in the early part of the 20th Century. Within a several-block stretch, this talented bunch included Bert Grimm, Ben Corday, Harry V. Lawson, Owen Jensen, the great Sailor Charlie Barrs, and many more. They worked their magic on tattoo clients we guarantee surprised their parents with the newer art form.

The Natural History Museum in Los Angeles County gets extra points for an exhibit called Tattoo, dedicated to the history of tattooing culture both globally and locally.

Silver Lake & Echo Park

Okay, since we were born in Brooklyn, we’re kinda suckers for Silver Lake and Echo Park. People who are generations deep in Los Angeles remember when Echo Park was super shady, yet those days are gone. The shade you can get know is if you have the right seats at Dodger’s Stadium, which is also in Echo Park.

Musicians made Silver Lake famous, and now if you want to catch Hollywood stars in their local element, well forget Beverly Hills! Everyone from Rachel McAdams, to Ryan Gosling to Fred Armistead, lives there. 

For natural beauty, can anyone say "lake!"

Tattoo School Los Angeles Tattoo School Silver Lake Los Angeles

When it comes to music, The Echo in Echo Park is probably your best bet for a place you can actually walk into and find something you enjoy when you’re just local with friends. If you like bars, in this part of town, you can literally knock yourself out.

Los Angeles Arts District 

The Los Angeles street art scene is booming in the downtown arts district, which can give you plenty of inspiration as a tattoo artist. In the mid-’70s the area was full of warehouses and factories, yet as the ’80s approached, the area started to evolve into an arts scene. By the mid-’90s, local artists and activists had the area designated as the “Art District,” so there, no there is no turning back. 

Rivaling the street art near our location in Brooklyn, the arts district is definitely fighting it out for the top spot in California for street art. Check it out!

Tattoo School love Los Angeles Tattoo School Art Los Angeles  Tattoo Wallpaper Tattoo Apprenticeship Tattoo School Los Angeles

Like Soho in Manhattan, the Arts District was first notorious for loft apartments, yet played hosts to parties more like they were in Brooklyn. Today there are, theaters, galleries, and restaurants everywhere, and in unexpected places. 

Venice and Santa Monica Beach

We could pretend, but why try, that the beaches of Los Angeles were not part of why we opened up there. Santa Monica is a nice place to take your family when they are in town, yet if you’re spending time with your art-inclined friends, then we recommend Venice Beach. This part of Los Angeles was developed by Abbot Kinney, which is now a main street full of a bit overpriced shopping, yet full of good restaurants and cafes.

If you’re vegan, Cafe Gratitude is a pretty amazing place, even if you’re not vegan, and there are dozen of exceptional taco places like Teddy’s Red Taco to choose from.

Essentially, as long as you can access a career in the arts, which you no can with Body Art & Soul Tattoo’s Tattoo Apprenticeship program, LA is a pretty fantastic place to live. If you are serious about a career in the arts and as a tattoo artist, interview with an Advisor ASAP to take advantage of our Guaranteed Job Placement. There is nothing like being happy, living in the sunshine, and making a living from your art.