Good Humans

We are looking for Good Humans, who also happen to be Very Good Tattoo Artists, Teachers, and Admissions Professionals.

We do most things differently. You could be the most amazing Tattoo Artist in the world, yet if you’re kind-of–a-jerk, it won’t work.

Our Mission: To Ensure Excellence and Equal Opportunity and In The Tattoo Industry, Worldwide. 

Our Vision: A Community of Art Gallery Inspired Tattoo Studios, staffed by Good Human Tattoo Artists who create Great Memories for Clients and Safe Spaces for Apprentices.

So how do we define “Good Humans” anyway?

  • Someone who you can trust with your wallet and leave alone at the cash register.
  • Someone who brings a lost cell phone to lost and found.
  • Someone you can trust to watch your kids on the playground while you take an important phone call.
  • Someone who makes sure that if you’re having just a little too much fun tonight, you still get home safe.

A Good Human is someone who can be trusted to:

  • To Always try their best.
  • To leave their personal problems at home.
  • To acknowledge and respect others.
  • To encourage Good Human behavior through leading by example.
  • To thoroughly read all professional correspondence and respond.

A Good Human is someone who can be trusted:

  • Not to bully, harass, or haze.
  • Not to steal.
  • Not to lie.
  • Not to expect to be paid for work they did not do.
  • Not to make side agreements with clients and vendors.

While our definition of a Good Human may expand over time, we trust that you get the point. 

We are the kind of people who choose to take on the Mission and Vision described above and uphold the concept of doing the right thing even when people aren’t looking.

 YES! I want to join Team Ink Different!

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