Tattoo Apprenticeships

Body Art & Soul Tattoo Apprenticeships

Tattoo and piercing apprenticeships at Body Art & Soul Tattoos are based on the traditional tattoo apprenticeship and piercing apprenticeship models with an increased focus on ongoing professional development, practice assessments, and real work experience. And yet, we pride ourselves on being different from a traditional apprenticeship. We "ink different" by providing clients with the warmest, most welcoming tattoo studio they've ever experienced—and our apprenticeships are just as warm and inclusive. We strive to ensure that our clients love their experience at Body Art & Soul Tattoos by providing high-quality custom tattoos with world-class customer service. We mentor our apprentices so they learn the skills to do just that. We provide apprenticeships with dignity to artists from all walks of life, and as a result, we have one of the most open and diverse artistic communities in the tattoo industry.

Our tattoo apprenticeships are designed around an optimum completion time of 616 hours. Completion time may
vary based on an individual's skill and speed. An apprentice can choose from a full-time or part-time program.

Apprenticeship RequirementsFull-time (1 year program)Part-time (2 year program)
Hours per Shift4 hours4 hours
Shifts per Week4 shifts2 shifts
Months to Complete Shifts12 months24 months
Additional Studio Hours
(training required to join our team of artists)
40 hours40 hours

What You Learn in Your Tattoo Apprenticeship

  • Drawing techniques
  • Tattoo design elements
  • Flash portfolio building
  • Machine maintenance and functionality
  • Sanitation practices
  • Hands-on practice with tattoo machines on practice pads
  • Training for state licensing exams
  • The execution of tattoos on clients of your solicitation under professional supervision in a safe environment
  • A portfolio of executed tattoos
  • Personal brand management

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