Tattoo Apprenticeships for Veterans

We are honored to help veterans join our tattoo apprenticeships.

Many of our staff members are veterans of the armed forces, and we understand your transition from active duty to civilian life. Tattoo apprenticeships at Ink Different Tattoo School are based on the traditional tattoo apprenticeship model updated to meet the needs of a digital age. We pride ourselves on being different from a traditional apprenticeship due to our increased focus on ongoing professional development, practice assessments, and real work experience.

We "ink different" by providing clients with the warmest, most welcoming tattoo studio they've ever experienced—and our apprenticeships are no different. We believe in giving our clients high-quality custom tattoos and world-class customer service and teach our apprentices the skills to do just that. We provide apprenticeships with dignity to artists from all walks of life, and as a result, we have one of the most open and diverse artistic communities in the tattoo industry.

Please Call 1-917-227-2842 with questions about tattoo apprenticeships for veterans.

Get Started!

Veterans, thank you for your service and sacrifice!

Call 1-917-227-2842 for guidance on next steps. Again, thank you for your service!

  • Talk to our veteran liaison for details about the program.
  • Enroll and complete your apprenticeship.
  • Join our staff.


Talk to Our Veteran Liaison

Contact us with questions about tattoo apprenticeships for veterans at 1-917-227-2842.