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Artists of Chicago who are serious about becoming working, professional Tattoo Artists,  Body Art & Soul's Tattoo's  Tattoo Apprenticeship Program has arrived in the Windy City.

Have you been questioning your career journey? Are you hoping to begin 2023 with radical changes in your life and lifestyle? Are you an artist who settled on making a living in other ways? If so, Body Art & Soul Tattoos has arrived to ensure equal opportunity in the tattoo industry. This is an opportunity for you to make the changes in your life you deserve and desire. If you are accepted into and complete your entire Tattoo Apprenticeship, a Guaranteed Job Offer will be waiting for you.

Chicago Tattoo Apprenticeship Program

You’ll know you’ve arrived at the right place for your tattoo apprenticeship when you feel the atmosphere and the vibes of the team committed to creating the warmest and most welcoming tattoo studio you've ever seen.  Our shops are filled with amazing art and our talented artists who will inspire you to become a Tattoo Artist yourself.

If you are serious about a career as a professional Tattoo Artist, we will consider mentoring you through your tattoo apprenticeship from start to finish. Our mission is to ensure equal opportunity in the tattoo industry, for artists who are dedicated to becoming great Tattoo Artists and even better humans. We're looking for artists from all walks of life who want to learn the art of tattooing and the craft of client relationships.

We are proud to offer our Tattoo Apprentices something they can only count on if they complete their apprenticeship at Body Art & Soul Tattoos:

  • A Guaranteed Job Offer

How to Become a Tattoo Artist in Chicago

Our apprenticeship is only for people who are serious about changing careers, transforming their lives, and becoming exceptional Tattoo Artists. We are fortunate to have developed a small handful of Tattoo Artists who are willing and able to train future apprentices in a safe, structured environment, that works.

Once you are accepted into our Chicago Tattoo Apprenticeship Program, you’ll be trained to implement impeccable tattoos on clients, while gaining the skills, work experience, and professional development you need to launch your career as a Tattoo Artist. Apprenticeships generally take 1 year to complete.

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Get INKspired by Our Artists' Stories

At the Body Art & Soul Tattoos Chicago studio, we Ink Different® by treating every artist and every client with care and respect. We hope you get inspired to join us after you watch some of our artists' stories.

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