Tattoo Artist Resources

Deals and Discounts for the Aspiring Tattoo Artist

At Ink Different, we take our mission of ensuring equal opportunity in the tattoo industry seriously! We support our artists through every step of their journey with us. This includes mentoring and resources for our community at every stage from aspiring tattoo artist to successful working artist in our studios. We are excited to enrich these efforts by developing affiliate relationships to give great deals and discounts with the following useful products and services we recommend to our artists.

Looking for money to finance your apprenticeship?

Personal Loans

Compare Offers from Lenders with Credible

Compare offers from lenders with Credible.
Looking for ways to finance your tattoo artist training at Ink Different? Have you talked to your counselor about it? There are many ways to create manageable monthly payments. See if Credible can help. They can connect you with dozens of loan options through one application. Try Credible now.

Art Supplies

Blick Art Materials: 20% Off and Free Shipping

Every great artist knows that using the right tools for the job makes all the difference, so be sure you have all the right art supplies to fuel your creativity! Plus, nothing is more fun than shopping for art supplies! Even in this digital age, paper, pencils, brushes, ink, and watercolors are important for an aspiring tattoo artist and professional tattoo artist alike! No matter the project you have in mind, be sure to browse the fantastic selection at Blick Art Materials.

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Accounting Tools

Freshbooks Cloud-Based Accounting: 50% Off

Yeah, yeah, we know that accounting is a much much less exciting topic to an aspiring tattoo artist than learning about tattoo styles or working on a new tattoo design. But every professional tattoo artist knows that a key to making a living with your art is having an easy way to track your income and expenses! (You might not realize that becoming a tattoo artist is pretty much the same thing as starting your own business! But it is and we want to make sure you do it in a smart, sustainable, and profitable way!) Freshbooks is an accounting tool we recommend as it gives you an easy online (and app-based) way to watch your tattoo career grow!

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Marketing & Printing

PsPrint: 60% Off Business Cards and Stickers

As an aspiring or professional tattoo artist (or really for anyone running a business for that matter), this may be one of the most important resources for you! How do you make sure you can follow up with the person who starts telling you all about the back piece they have been mentally designing for the last 10 years as soon as they hear that you are a tattoo artist? (Trust us, they are going to tell you all about it in detail and it's up to you to make their dream a reality!) You need to be able to hand them a business card so they can follow you online and get in touch to schedule an appointment. Even in this social media focused age, nothing works quite as well to bring in a client as a face-to-face conversation about their new tattoo. Whether you need stickers, flyers, or business cards to get the word out about your art, be sure to check out the wide variety of products offered by PsPrint.

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Zazzle: 20% Off and More

Shop Personalized Gifts on Zazzle

Another great resource for aspiring (and professional) tattoo artists to market your art and your brand is by creating custom items with your art right on it! Sign up as a creator at Zazzle and you can add your art to pretty much anything! You can even start selling your designs in their marketplace (or keep the designs private and make yourself t-shirts and phone cases so you always have a conversation starter on hand—you never know when you may be chatting with a future client!) They have an incredible range of products, so the sky's the limit when it comes to thinking of innovative ways to market yourself and your art.

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Tattoo Specials

As an aspiring tattoo artist (or as a professional tattoo artist) we know you love getting tattoos! Why not check out our studios' latest tattoo specials on our Instagram pages to see if there is anything of interest? Getting tattooed by an artist who creates art you love is always a great way to make connections in the community.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, Ink Different will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking through the link. Please understand that we recommend these products and services because we believe they are useful to our community.