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June 28, 2023

Outdo your competition with tattoo apprenticeship in NY

How To Outdo Your Competitors With A Tattoo Education In Brooklyn If you’re aspiring to become a professional Tattoo Artist and stand out from the competition in NY, getting a tattoo apprenticeship is the best way. However, with so many people vying for the same opportunity, how can you stand out and outdo your competition? The tattoo industry in New York is thriving and constantly evolving. With its rich history and diverse population, there is plenty of inspiration for Tattoo Artists. From traditional American styles to more contemporary designs, there is something for everyone in the city’s tattoo scene. Many […]
June 12, 2023

Advancing Your Career As A Tattoo Artist In New York

Helpful Tips To Enhance Your Tattoo Artist Career In NY Did you know tattooing is an art form that has been around for centuries? In fact, New York City is home to some of the best Tattoo Artists in the world. Therefore, the market there can be highly competitive. Now, with the right skills and mindset, you can boost your Tattoo Artist career in NY! But also you could make a name for yourself! Here are some tips to help you get started. Want to learn all about how to become a Tattoo Artist? Apply for the apprenticeship program at our […]
May 29, 2023

The Rise Of AI In NYC And The Shift Toward Tattooing

The Rise Of AI In NYC And The Shift Toward Tattooing How Ai Is Forcing Tattoo Artists In NY To Change Careers And Become Tattoo Artists We’ve all heard it before: Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various industries, including art. It has given artists new tools and techniques to explore and experiment with. However, with the rise of AI art, traditional artists in New York City are feeling the negative impacts of this new art form. AI art is the creation of art using algorithms and computer-generated programs. It has gained popularity recently and has been seen in galleries and […]
February 16, 2023

How to Recession-Proof your Career by Becoming a Tattoo Artist in New York

How to Recession-Proof Your Career by Becoming a Tattoo Artist in New York If you’re looking for a career that’s both creatively fulfilling and recession-proof, have you ever considered becoming a Tattoo Artist in New York? With the right training and resources, you can become a successful Tattoo Artist in New York and recession-proof your career. Not only will you have the chance to express yourself creatively and make money, but you’ll also be able to help others express themselves through tattoos. This is all you need to know on how to recession-proof your career by becoming a Tattoo Artist […]
November 30, 2022

The How-To Of Customer Service When Changing Careers To Become A Tattoo Artist In New York City

Tattoo Customer Service in New York City Undoubtedly, everyone at least once in their lives have thought they’d like an art career. Obviously, as we all know, tattooing is an art form. However, we cannot forget that it is also a business, and subsequently, customer service plays a vital role in the success of any business! Firstly, customer service can be defined as “the act of providing good service to customers before, during, and after a purchase” in the tattoo industry; secondly, customer service is the medium through which Tattoo Artists communicate with their clients. Surprisingly, it is through excellent tattoo […]
November 1, 2022

Top 5 Myths About The Tattoo Industry In New York Busted

Lies You Were Told About The Tattoo Business That Prevented You From Following Your True Calling   If you are an artist of some kind and have a few tattoos of your own that you absolutely love, you might have thought, ‘Hey, I should become a tattoo artist in the tattoo industry in New York!’ Many tattoo artists were formerly art students. It’s very common to get your start in other mediums before moving to a human canvas. You probably knew you wanted to be an artist since you were a young child. You just probably didn’t realize the best […]
October 18, 2022

Top 7 Lifestyle Advantages to Changing Careers and Becoming a Tattoo Artist in New York City

Everything You Need To Know If You Are An Aspiring Tattoo Artist In Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Queens   As an artist who might be stuck in a job you really don’t like, you might be considering changing careers and asking yourself, “what are the lifestyle advantages to becoming a Tattoo Artist in New York City?” There are many lifestyle advantages to changing careers and becoming a Tattoo Artist in Brooklyn. Tattoo Artists have more control over their work schedule, they are more likely to be able to make a living wage, and they can work on […]
October 14, 2022

How to Become A Tattoo Artist And Get Clients in New York

From QR Codes To Social Media, To The Real World, Everything You Need To Know To Start Your Career As A Tattoo Artist In New York And Get Clients Quickly The tattoo industry is exciting and flourishing. The demand for new Tattoo Artists is high even though there are so many talented artists in New York City. In order to start in the tattoo business. You must work on getting proper tattoo training, get a tattoo mentor, develop your own tattooing style, create an online presence using social media, and believe in working towards the best job opportunities as a […]
September 27, 2022

Best Top 5 Ways For New York Parents To Help Their Children Become A Tattoo Artist

Everything Parents Need To Know When Their Child Wants To Become A Tattoo Artist in New York Are you a New York parent interested in helping your child become a Tattoo Artist? If so, we understand you might be finding yourself in unchartered territory. If your child grew up in New York City, or lives in New York State and visits NYC, then your child has been exposed to the experience of being surrounded by art for a very long time. From sophisticated architecture to beautiful street murals and from high-end galleries to world-famous tattoo shops, New York is known […]