Tattoo Apprenticeships Info for Parents

Start in a Live Virtual Classroom

Tattoo apprenticeships for your child at Body Art & Soul Tattoos are based on the traditional tattoo apprenticeship model updated to meet the needs of a digital age. Your son or daughter's apprenticeship starts online in a live virtual classroom, where they work one-on-one with a trainer in the early phases of the apprenticeship. Once they pass the requirements of the work from home virtual classroom training, they will be ready to complete their apprenticeship in one of our physical studios. Once in the studio, they'll be trained to implement impeccable tattoos on clients, while gaining the work experience and professional development they need to launch a career as a professional tattoo artist. 

We are an innovative and forward-thinking team of artists, proud of our results, which include:

Our mission is to ensure equal opportunity in the tattoo industry, worldwide. We believe that every artist from every walk of life deserves an opportunity to make a living from their art.