Tattoo Apprenticeship Workshop

At the Tattoo Apprenticeship Workshop you’ll learn and understand the fundamentals of becoming a tattoo apprentice, sanitary procedures, drawing, shading, generating reference, line work, developing tattoo designs, set up a flash sheet, portfolio creation and shading techniques while… building lasting relationships.

What does it mean to be a Tattoo Apprentice?

Like any craft, you must be able to learn it from professionals. Tattooing is not an art that can be learned through online tutorials, it must be studied, practiced, and perfected over time with careful mentoring.

All you need to get started is the dedication and passion to become a Professional Tattoo Artist!

Time: Approximately 8 hours, one day.
Location: Brooklyn, Jersey City, Los Angeles, New Haven, Philadelphia.

Body Piercing Program

All graduates are certified as Professional Body Piercers by the A.R.T., ensuring that they are ready to go in any shop, anywhere in the world, with the confidence and skill to apply beautiful piercings at a sanitized, effective, responsible and professional standard.

All you need to get started is the dedication and passion to become a Body Piercer!

For details and more info, contact Melia at 347-977-1721.

Watercolor Workshop

The workshop is geared toward watercolor techniques used in tattoo flash.

At the Watercolor Workshop you will learn general history of watercolor and flash tattoos, importance of watercolor practicing while learning how to tattoo, background styles–tea stained & color wash, spit shading, coloring and supervised practice. At the end of the workshop you will have time for Q&A.

Time: Held quarterly at each location.
Location: Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Jersey City.

A.R.T. Locations Coast To Coast

Join us at the most exciting and the only real tattoo school in the country.
Locations in Brooklyn, Jersey City, Los Angeles, New Haven, and Philadelphia.


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