The Academy of Responsible Tattooing is dedicated to helping both veterans and their dependents. We are truly honored to serve those that have served and consider it a great privilege that you chose A.R.T. to pursue your passion for tattoo artistry.

For those that qualify for Ch 31 Vocational Rehabilitation VA program, ART works hard helping students apply for VA benefits.  Although the application itself is submitted directly to the VA for review, we to ensure that the student has the tools/knowledge of how the application and approval process works.  For more information or to apply for Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Benefits, follow this link 

A.R.T takes a proactive approach to the tattoo apprenticeship, from workshop to graduation, to help students achieve their goals and the tools they need to succeed.  Our Veteran Liaison office and Co-founder, Guy Prandstatter, are veterans of the Armed Forces and understand your transition from Military Member to Civilian to future tattoo artist.  They are here to help you achieve your dream!

For more information you can reach our Veteran Liaison, Tom Rowe,  at: or call 1-551-777-1300

Thomas Rowe

“It feels like time flew past you. You come back to a new world. Real life hits you. How Tattooing became my therapy.”

It’s simple to apply. Just follow 5 steps:


Log in to your eBenefits account at


Select “Apply”


Select “Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Benefits”


Apply for “Educational and Career Counseling”


If it is determined that you are eligible, you will be invited to attend an orientation session at the nearest VA Regional Office.