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Throughout Body Art & Soul Tattoos' Tattoo Apprenticeship Blog, you'll learn everything you need to know about becoming a Professional Tattoo Artist. We’ve launched countless careers with our tattoo apprenticeships, and we have some great stories to share. Whether you’re a new tattoo artist, currently an apprentice, or someone considering an apprenticeship, there’s always more to learn! Check out our tattoo apprenticeship blog and get inspired by the success stories, our helpful guides, and informative interviews. The Body Art & Soul Tattoo Apprenticeship Blog also offers the latest news in the tattoo industry so you can stay up to date on all cutting-edge tattoo technology and trends. Jump-start your career and stay informed by checking our apprenticeship blog regularly!
May 5, 2022

Top 3 Myths Busted When Learning How to Become a Tattoo Artist in Florida

Time To Tell The Truth About Becoming A Tattoo Artist In Florida Location: Tampa, Florida Congratulations on contemplating a career change and considering learning to tattoo near you. Career changes are scary because of all the unknowns that come along with it. But what’s scarier than living a life filled with doubt and regrets? Here are some things to consider: Not A Myth – You Deserve To Be Happy! Everyone deserves to be happy every day of their lives! Work is inevitable, we all need to do it. Following your passion and making it into a living? Well, that’s the […]
April 29, 2022

Top 3 Reasons to Become a Tattoo Artist in Florida

With A Guaranteed Job Offer In A $1.4 Billion Industry, It’s Time To Quit Your Job and Make A Living From Your Art. Location: Tampa, Florida I can assure you we know the hesitation you have about changing your career. We know you’ve asked yourself… “Is it the right time?” “Can I afford this?” “Will I ever find another job?” “Will I end up regretting this decision?” But the questions you really need to ask yourself are ones like… “Will it ever feel like the right time?” “Can I emotionally and mentally afford to stay unhappy?” “How much regret can […]
April 22, 2022

Best 6 Steps to Changing Careers and Becoming a Tattoo Artist – The Definitive Guide to Becoming a Tattoo Artist

Becoming A Tattoo Artist – The Career Change You Need in 2022 You wake up every day, overdose on coffee, and think about becoming a Tattoo Artist, yet then sit down to a job you hate. You dream of doing something better and making art for a living, but don’t know how to change careers. If this sounds like you, you might be ready for a career change right now…. or even yesterday! In January 2022 alone, nearly 4.3 million people quit their jobs. In 2021, a record 48 million people quit in the U.S. These people are tired of […]
April 14, 2022

Top 3 Reasons to Become a Tattoo Artist in Los Angeles

How to Become a Tattoo Artist in Los Angeles Right Now Location: Los Angeles, CA First off, you’ve probably been an artist your entire life.  Natural artistic talent, like yours, starts at a young age and fortunately, never goes away. We hope you still get to draw, sculpt or paint every day, but we’re going to guess you don’t. Chances are work and a busy lifestyle get in the way of your passion. Have you ever considered becoming a tattoo artist making a living from your art? Chances are you haven’t because you were fed lies and stereotypes about “starving […]
April 8, 2022

The 2022 State-By-State Definitive Guide to Tattoo Laws in the United States

2022 Tattoo Laws Across the US Given that Body Art & Soul Tattoos has locations in five states and continues to grow, we thought it might be helpful to share insights on becoming a tattoo artist and tattoo shop owner in not only the states where we are, yet all 50 states. If you’re an aspiring tattoo artist looking for a tattoo apprenticeship with a guaranteed job offer once you’re done, feel free to start a chat on our website to connect with an Advisor who can set you up with an interview. Feel free to jump down to the […]
April 1, 2022

Top 5 Things to Become a Tattoo Artist in New York City

In The City Where Dreams Are Made Of, Yours Can Come True! Location: Brooklyn, NY So you bought a tattoo machine on amazon during your stint in quarantine and couldn’t figure it out for the life of you how to even turn it on? Or have you always imagined life as a successful, Professional Tattoo Artist? Either way, you are an aspiring tattoo artist but you have no idea where to start. But you live in NYC, a concrete jungle where dreams are made of! The city that never sleeps! Surely, you can easily find a tattoo apprenticeship that will […]
March 21, 2022

Press Release: Body Art & Soul Tattoos Releases “Why You Should Make a Career Change in 2022”

The Best Career Change For Artists   TAMPA, Florida (Press Release) Body Art & Soul Tattoos recently opened its fifth tattoo studio and tattoo apprenticeship program in Tampa, Florida. This opening provides a unique opportunity for aspiring tattoo artists to make a career change. “We know what it’s like to be an artist, stuck in a job that crushes your soul because you’re only doing it to pay the bills,” shares Paul-Anthony Surdi. “We’ve been doing this for over a decade, and all of our artists always say the same thing when they enter the apprenticeship, ‘Why didn’t I do […]
March 16, 2022

Top 3 Ways To Avoid Crushing Debt & Make A Living From Your Art

Become A Tattoo Artist. The Ultimate Hack To A Life You Love! Location: Tampa, Florida If you’re getting ready to attend college, or if you have kids who are preparing to go off to school, student loans can sometimes feel like an inevitable pain just on the horizon. In fact, over 70% of college graduates leave school with significant student loan debt. That’s 44 million people who owe $1.5 trillion dollars, or about $37,000 per person. Isn’t that insane!!!!?? What if I told you that there are ways to make a living from your art and avoid being one of […]
March 10, 2022

How To Get A Guaranteed Job Offer When Making A Career Change To Become A Tattoo Artist

Gone are the days of being forced to have your entire life and career planned out by the time you turn 21. Ugh, imagine? I can’t decide what I want for breakfast, let alone what I want to do for a living in 20 years. Career changes can definitely be scary but I’d rather take action, than stay stagnant and anguish just because it was “safe.” Pursuing happiness is much more exciting! Should You Make A Career Change? If you’re asking yourself if you should make a career change, chances are the answer is YES. We don’t have these thoughts […]