how to get a good first tattoo

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November 26, 2019

Top 7 Tips to Get a Great First Tattoo: Aftercare

You’ve got your first tattoo, and your artist has given you their tattoo aftercare sheet. Now what? 1) Have Fresh Towels and Linen Ready A new tattoo is an open wound and you want to keep it clean and free from the risk of infection as it heals. It is a simple step which people often forget, use fresh towels after showering and change the sheets on the bed.  2) Follow Your Aftercare Instructions Your tattoo artist will have given you some aftercare instructions, don’t throw these away. In general most agree to gently wash your tattoo with non-fragranced soap and use a natural moisturizer to keep it from drying out. Your tattoo artist will have some suggestions for product options ranging from simple moisturizers through to specialist bandages. All artists agree to avoid products like sunscreen as the complex chemicals in them will irritate and delay your healing. 3) […]
November 14, 2019
First Tattoo Advice for During Your Appointment

First Tattoo Advice: During Your Appointment Tips 6-10

You’ve found the right artist for you, had the consultation, and booked the date to get your first tattoo. Excited? Nervous? Here’s the next installment in our first tattoo advice series focusing on what to do during your appointment. Read the rest of the series for the complete list of top tips for making sure getting your first tattoo is a great experience. 6) Wear Comfortable Clothes Getting ready for a tattoo is not the same as getting ready for a hot date. You don’t need to “dress to impress,” but wearing clean and comfortable clothes will make your experience more pleasant. The placement of the tattoo may also affect what you want to wear on the day. Wearing skin tight pants won’t do you any favors if you are getting your thigh tattooed, and wearing hot-pants won’t make you any more comfortable when you get your shoulder tattooed. Bring […]
November 1, 2019
First Tattoo Tips: The Day of Your Appointment

First Tattoo Tips 1-5: The Day of Your Appointment

You’ve found the right artist for you, had the consultation, and booked the date to get your first tattoo. Excited? Nervous? Relax, Body Art & Soul Tattoos has made this guide on how to ensure you have a great first tattoo experience. Read this second installment in our series of top first tattoo tips to make sure you have a great experience!  THE RUN-UP TO YOUR APPOINTMENT 1) Adjust Your Schedule Tattoo aftercare is important. Important enough to start thinking about it even before you’ve been tattooed! Not only will it make the healing process more comfortable, it affects how the tattoo will look when it has healed. It is best not to book your tattoo session the week before you go hiking in the mountains, or just before a holiday at the beach. A fresh tattoo is an open wound and needs to be protected from infection and irritants—so […]
October 11, 2019
Top 5 Tips to Get a Great First Tattoo: Part 1

Top 5 Tips to Get a Great First Tattoo: Before Your Appointment

You’ve been wanting to get inked for years, and finally the time is right to get your first tattoo. You’re excited and just a bit nervous! You’ve heard horror-stories about people regretting their tattoos, you’ve seen some tragically funny examples of regrettable ink, and you are worried about making the same mistake. Good! That means you’re taking getting your tattoo seriously. Luckily for you, Body Art & Soul Tattoos is here to help and we’ve put together some tips about what you should and shouldn’t do before, during, and after your first tattoo to ensure it is an enjoyable experience. What to Do Before the Appointment for Your First Tattoo 1) Do your research. It is important to find the right artist and style for the tattoo that suits you. For a first tattoo it makes sense to pick a design that has a personal connection. You’ll want to be […]