New Haven

New Haven is one of the most important cultural centers in New England. Home to a rich history in arts, New Haven is now home to Body Art & Soul Tattoos! Stop by one of our newest studios and discover why you don’t need a degree from Yale to have a successful career in the arts…. eh-hem… no offense!

Body Art & Soul Tattoo
920 State Street New Haven, CT 06511

A.R.T. Changed My Life

Paloma is an A.R.T. Graduate and currently sits as Lead Educator at our New Haven location. Watch her incredible journey as a certified tattoo artist!

Meet Tattoo Artist, Eric “Devirus” Del Valle

A.R.T. Graduate Eric, talks about finding A.R.T. in an industry that can be difficult to break into and being forever grateful for his chance to do what makes him happy every day.