Tattoo Apprenticeship Information for Parents

How to Help Your Son or Daughter Become A Tattoo Artist - Information for Parents

We know you're asking yourself, "How do I help my child become a tattoo artist?" That is why you're here right? Helping your child to become a Tattoo Artist and find the best Tattoo School or Tattoo Apprenticeship can be a tall order. As if you didn’t already have enough on your plate! Your struggle was one of the reasons we started our Tattoo School. If you ever meet the founder, ask him about it. 

Body Art & Soul Tattoo’s Tattoo School and Tattoo Apprenticeship Programs are based on the traditional tattoo apprenticeship model updated to meet the needs of the world today. Your son or daughter's apprenticeship starts online in a live virtual classroom, where they work one-on-one with a trainer in the early phases of the apprenticeship. 

Once they pass the requirements of the work-from-home virtual classroom training, they will be ready to complete their apprenticeship in one of our physical studios. Once in the studio, they'll be trained to implement impeccable tattoos on clients, while gaining the work experience and professional development they need to launch a career as a professional Tattoo Artist. 

We are an innovative, diverse, and forward-thinking team of artists, proud of our results, which include:

Our mission is to ensure equal opportunity in the tattoo industry, worldwide. We believe that every artist from every walk of life deserves an opportunity to make a living from their art.

More Information for Parents on How To Help Your Child Become A Tattoo Artist

Many parents are just like you, asking themselves how can I help my daughter or son become a tattoo artist? How does a parent find the right tattoo school or tattoo apprenticeship?  

We know you care and we know you want to do your best to help guide a young person who wants a future in the arts, yet you ask yourself:

How will they get a job as an artist?

How will they support themselves?

What does an artist even do every day?

These are all great questions. Here are some things to consider.

3 Things To Understand About Being The Parent of A Future Tattoo Artist

  1. You raised a creative person. Great job! Pat yourself on the back.
  2. They can break the mold. They can have a career in the Arts! We've helped over 200 people become Tattoo Artists. We can help them.
  3. You don’t have to take out a second mortgage to send your kid to a 4-year university where they might only learn how to do keg-stands and cram for an exam in a subject they are never going to use anyway.

We know you know this, yet we are going to say it anyway...

The average cost for a 4-year college degree – according to the Education Data Initiative – is between $101,948 and $212,868! 

We think this is insane, especially when you think about the fact that the college dropout rate is now 40%! We know as well as we do, that you're not getting that money back! A Tattoo School Tattoo Apprenticeship with cost a fraction of a fraction of that insane price.

So now you're asking yourself, "Okay, so how do I help my son or daughter become a Tattoo Artist?" 

Answer, it's actually not that difficult now that you found Body Art & Soul Tattoo's Tattoo School.

Find a Tattoo Apprenticeship With A Guaranteed Job Offer - DONE!

There’s no replacement for experience in the tattoo industry, yet it is important that you consider what kind of experience your son or daughter will be getting.

One way or another, they need to work in a real shop with a mentor to hone their skills and their art. The experience of working in an actual shop with clients and other Tattoo Artists is irreplicable, which is why a tattoo apprenticeship is key to becoming a successful Tattoo Artist.

A Few Tattoo Apprenticeships Are Pure Gold

Tattoo School

Some tattoo apprenticeships are wild, unstable, and only intended to use apprentices for free labor, amusement, cleaning up the shop, and doing administrative work as an alternative to having an actual employee or punching bag. Be careful. If your child is in one of these, make a change right away.

If you want a drama-free guarantee and a guaranteed job offer for your child, well then there is only one place in the country that can make these kinds of guarantees: Body Art & Soul Tattoos.

If your son or daughter passes their interview process and you decide to secure a tattoo apprenticeship at any of the locations owned and operated by Body Art & Soul Tattoos, your son or daughter will have a guaranteed job offer the day they finish their apprenticeship.

This is really the only kind of apprenticeship you are looking to find.

Once they complete their apprenticeship and are offered a seat at the studio, they can choose from any of our locations around the country. We're not saying you want them to move away, we're just saying... it's an option.

If you do not live in a city where we have the apprenticeship program, you can think of this as sending them away to college, for a fraction of the time, and a micro-fraction of the cost. In the end, they now have a trade, just like an electrician or a plumber, that they can take with them for the rest of their lives and it basically costs nothing. They easily earn back what was spent in the first year.