We Believe in Your Right to have Equal Access to the Training and Education You need to become a Professional Tattoo Artist!

Your 1st Step is to enroll in the next Tattoo Apprenticeship Workshop near you.

We train you on cross contamination prevention and safe tattoo shop practices as a prerequisite for enrollment into A.R.T.’s Tattoo Career Program.

Tattoo Artist, Carlos Garcia, Explains Why You Need to Start with the Workshop

In the Tattoo Apprenticeship Workshops, you will learn:

  • fundamentals of becoming a tattoo apprentice
  • how to prevent the spread of infectious diseases
  • elements of a good tattoo
  • tattoo flash sheet composition
  • shading techniques
  • generating reference
  • line work
  • developing tattoo designs
  • how to tell quality machines from cheap imitations
  • the fundamentals of tattoo machine depth control
  • machine tuning
  • portfolio creation
  • what it really takes to become a professional tattoo artist

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