Tattoo Community

A.R.T. = Community of Tattoo Artists.

Connect with artists who understand. Discover shared experiences and contribute yours. Let others fuel you with inspiration. Graduate and become a Professional Tattoo Artist, in a beautiful shop as part of the A.R.T. family on a mission to create art and change lives around the world!

A.R.T. has locations in New York, New Jersey, California, Philadelphia.

Become part of a growing community of tattoo artist.

38 tattoo artists. And growing! Join a network of tattoo artists—where everyone is a mentor.
Stop by our studios and meet the tattoo artists.

Apprentice Hang

Once you join A.R.T. get ready to have a great time! We take our apprentices to local getaways where you will meet and bond with other A.R.T. apprentices and staff members. A few examples of recent trips: Mini Golf, Drink & Draw, Escape Rooms, and museums.


A.R.T. hosts graduation several times a year, bringing staff members and current apprentices together. Graduates are presented with an award and certificate to commemorate the completion of their apprenticeship training in the sacred art of responsible tattooing.