A.R.T.’s Tattoo Artist Certification Program is formatted to follow the structure of a traditional tattoo apprenticeship. Upon completion of the program requirements, Graduates are guaranteed job placement in an affiliated tattoo shop.

A.R.T.’s Tattoo Artist Certification Program is the first universal tattoo artist certification offered nationwide with standardized testing, standardized skills tests, local licensing requirements and true in-studio professional work experience required for certification.

Prior to A.R.T.’s Tattoo Artist Certification, the tattoo industry has suffered from the absence of a standardized certification process that guarantees universal, professional standards for new tattoo artists.

The tattoo industry worldwide can now be assured that any A.R.T. Certified Tattoo Artist abides by the highest standards of professionalism, customer service and has been trained to a skill level worthy of immediate employment.

Certification by A.R.T. involves a rigorous process of training, testing and peer evaluation that is designed and administered by Professional Tattoo Artists.

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The Program covers:

  • Drawing techniques
  • Tattoo design elements
  • Flash portfolio building
  • Machine maintenance and functionality
  • Sanitation practices
  • Hands-on practice with tattoo machines on practice pads
  • Training for state licensing exams
  • The execution of tattoos on clients of your solicitation under professional supervision in a safe environment
  • A portfolio of executed tattoos
  • Personal brand management

All Graduates are Certified as Professional Tattoo Artists by A.R.T., ensuring that they are ready to work as a tattoo artist in any shop, anywhere in the world, with the confidence and skill to apply beautiful tattoos in a sanitized, responsible and professional standard worthy of A.R.T. Certification.

The Tattoo Artist Certification Program is designed around an optimum completion time of 616 hours. While a Student Apprentice’s actual completion time varies based on factors such as individual skill and speed, A.R.T. has created two-time structures around the program, allowing Student Apprentices to choose between attending A.R.T. on a Full-Time or Part-Time class schedule.

1 Year Full Time

Full-Time Student Apprentices attend four shifts per week of 4 hours each, completing 64 hours monthly. Full-Time Student Apprenticeships are expected to last 12 months.

2 Years Part Time

Part-Time Student Apprentices attend two shifts per week of 4 hours each, completing 32 hours monthly. Part-Time Student Apprenticeships are expected to last 24 months.

In addition, to shift hours, a Student Apprentice is expected to complete a minimum of 40 Shop Hours.

A.R.T. reserves the right to amend at any time the course curriculum in order to maintain current industry standards.

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