Tattoo Career Program

The Tattoo Career Program fully prepares students for a professional career in tattoo artistry. We offer both part-time and full-time enrollment. The average time it takes for a full-time student to graduate is 9 months.

Piercing Career Program

The Piercing Career  Program fully prepares students for a professional career in body piercing. You will train for your New York State License Exam (issued by the state), becoming Red Cross blood borne pathogen certified, cross contamination prevention, piercing and placement techniques, jewelry management, tool maintenance and functionality, hands on practice with needles and clamps, portfolio building, aftercare and infection prevention.

TOLL-FREE: 1-844-882-8866

BROOKLYN: 1-646-689-4652 JERSEY CITY: 1-646-689-4652

LOS ANGELES: 1-310-413-0709 NEW HAVEN: 1-646-689-4652

PHILADELPHIA 1-215-880-1626


38 Tattoo Artists on staff and growing!
Join a network of Tattoo Artists—where everyone is a mentor. 

Your mentors are the most dedicated educators in the industry and will empower you to achieve success by providing you with the training and guidance you need to thrive.