7 Studios in 7 Years

Quote from BAS Founder, Guy Prandstatter on celebrating 7 shops in 7 years.

Celebrating 7 Years of a Tattoo Apprenticeship that Works!

Body Art & Soul Tattoos is celebrating our 7 year anniversary and our 7 studios with a series of inspirational videos about the tattoo artists in our diverse and talented community. We've been launching the tattoo careers of our exceptional artists for 7 years and we want you to know more about their stories. First, hear from co-founder, Guy Prandstatter, about his vision to achieve fulfillment by helping other people achieve their dreams of learning to tattoo.  “Some of the folks who helped us begin this journey are still here. That says something,” he points out. Then get inspired by the stories from the tattoo artists in our studios across the country who now work as professional tattoo artists. Where did they start out before they were tattoo apprentices? You may be surprised to find out!

Can you imagine yourself as part of our team? If your answer is yes, be sure to check out Body Art & Soul’s tattoo workshops and get started today!

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