Who We Are

The Academy of Responsible Tattooing inspires, educates, and empowers artists who embody excellence in the tattoo industry worldwide, and with that, revolutionizes the possibilities and opportunities for artists to achieve total fulfillment, freedom, and financial abundance, worldwide.

We are the only Trade School for the Tattoo Industry, in service of developing tattoo artists from coast to coast.

Meet working tattoo artists, ask them questions. You’ll be guided along by your mentor and inspired by your classmates!

As part of your time with us, you’ll receive training in both personal and professional development, customer service, how to create and market your personal brand, developing a loyal clientele, social media marketing and what it takes to have a successful long-term career as a Professional Tattoo Artist.

Every artist deserves an opportunity to pursue a life as a responsible Professional Tattoo Artist. We honor the tradition of tattooing by guaranteeing placement for every single graduate.

The Academy of Responsible Tattooing operates out of tattoo studios. (Body Art And Soul Tattoos).We currently offer workshops in Brooklyn, Jersey City, Los Angeles, & Philadelphia.

We’re very excited that you took the time to review A.R.T and the difference it makes in the lives of many talented and creative people. It is rare when you find something in life that you love to do and people will pay you well to do it. Most people live their entire lives without discovering their true passion. Many tattoo artists have been blessed to achieve both, and I can tell you that since I learned how to tattoo, I never worked another day in my life!

At A.R.T., we are teaching an ancient art to people who have a true desire to live into their dream of becoming a Certified Tattoo Artist. We are taking what was once a coveted and exclusive art form, and offering it to anyone who has the desire to learn. At the same time, we are upholding the values of the traditional student apprenticeship, which instills in Student Apprentices a sense of pride and purpose in their pursuit of excellence.

We do not just give this valuable life-long trade away easily; we make Student Apprentices earn it through hours of dedicated training and professional development. This instills appreciation and tests their desire to give 100% of themselves to the profession. The ones that do will master a rewarding craft that lasts the rest of their lives.

Get the training you deserve.

What We Teach

A.R.T.’s Tattoo Apprenticeship Workshop will prepare you for enrollment in A.R.T. through learning the basics of tattooing, sterilization techniques, how to prevent cross contamination, how to set up and break down a station and so much more!

Our goal is to empower people to have careers as Certified Tattoo Artists who provide unparalleled tattoo quality and customer service to their clients. Nothing less will be accepted.

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